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    ARTIST OF THE DAY: Megan Mccann

    My most recent work, as seen in the final year degree show this May (2014), comments on the omnipresence of smartphones and the mobile world within our every day existence. Often presented on an iPhone, my work aims to celebrate and highlight the ways in which we have adapted ourselves to this technology, and how we project ourselves outwards in to a public domain - whilst gazing inwards at a digital arena (through the screens of our phones). 

    The collapse of the Self that takes place at this moment of contradiction - of being at once both private (dwelling within our individual cellphone screens) and public (both online, and physically) is the overriding theme within my work… one which I hope subtly and neutrally develops both during its exhibition and after.


    mccann_megan@icloud.com // info.meganmccann@gmail.com

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    Junggi Sung

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    This notebook encourages people to draw outside the lines by Marc Thomasset | http://www.tmsprl.com/shop.html

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    Vessyl designed By Yves Behar.

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